Hydrogenation Reaction Features

The leader in reaction technology


BIAZZI can offer:

  • Units for Gas/liquid reactions like Hydrogenation, Carbonylation, Oxidation, Amination, etc.
  • From Basic Engineering/Key Equipment to Skid mounted units
  • Plants capacity up to 60m3, 150 bar and 250°C
  • Batch or continuous operation
  • For exothermal processes
  • Scale up process guarantees on a given or a developed process based on client’s raw material
  • Tests to check the best available technical solution (reaction/filtration)
  • Marketing batches produced in 50-80 liters facility
  • Toll manufacturing possibilities (production size 2 m3)
  • Tailor made solutions to fit best to clients’ needs
  • Mass transfer limited processes
  • Thermosensitive reactions

Key Features of BIAZZI plants:

  • State of the art hydrogenation plant (slurry type)
  • Highest safety standard
  • Reduced project risks
  • Most economic plant design
  • Shortest time to market
  • Most ergonomic plant design
  • Custom built solution